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Covid19 audit checklist by Mystery Management

What is Covid19 Audit Checklist ?

When trading resumes through the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to help you move towards normal operations. Mystery Management offers customisable COVID-19 checklists, to ensure you're compliant with COVID-19 laws and regulations:
  • - Checklists that cover best practices that your business needs to adhere to at a minimum.
  • - Fully customisable, adjust the checklist to the needs of your staff.
  • - Set a rule within your dashboard for staff to complete the checklist as often as you like - up to every half an hour.
  • - Get email alerts when staff complete the checklist.
  • - Use the audit as proof of compliance.
  • - This software can also be promoted to give your customers confidence that you're doing everything you can to keep them safe, over and above laws and regulations.
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